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PDP Tax Service has been providing quality assistance for over 30 years to our community. We offer many services to satisfy a wide range of businesses.

EZ Pay Stub Generator

EZ Pay Stub Generator

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ Pay Stub Generator software. This product is designed to be an easy method to compute and track payroll and print a pay stub for various pay methods.

It is designated for those businesses that want a simple entry program that also includes a number of options []

EZ W-2/1099 Generator

EZ W-2™/1099-MISC/1099-INT Generators

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ W-2 Generator, 1099-MISC Generator, and 1099-INT Generator software. These products are designed to be an easy-to-use W-2, 1099-MISC, and 1099-INT generator for those businesses that want a simple, after-the-fact W-2/1099-MISC/1099-INT program. Each is offered []

Business services

Business services

PDP Tax Service proudly offers complete preparation of various business tax returns. Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with all of your tax preparation needs. PDP Tax Service also offers payroll services that are accurate, speedy, and economically priced. []

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