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EZ W-2™ / 1099-MISC / 1099-INT Generator

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ W-2™ Generator, 1099-MISC Generator, and 1099-INT Generator software. These products are designed to be an easy-to-use W-2, 1099-MISC, and 1099-INT generator for those businesses that want a simple, after-the-fact W-2/1099-MISC/1099-INT program. Each is offered at a special price of only $69; or get two packages for only $104; or get all three packages for $134. We also have an option to interface with QuickBooks®.

For those businesses with specialized needs, we can customize the software package to fit those needs. Contact us for an estimate on the custom software.

See the following list of features and requirements below:


  • Unlimited Employers/Employees
  • Laser/Dot Matrix support included
  • Multiple input methods
  • Interfaces with QuickBooks®
  • Produces IRS approved forms
  • Electronic filing included
  • Also prints W-3 or 1096 forms

Hardware Requirements

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  • IBM-compatible PC & monitor
  • 8M + 600k conventional memory
  • Laser or Dot Matrix printer
  • Tax fonts for Laser printer (included)
  • Hard drive and CD drive
  • Runs on any speed machine


  • EZ W-2™ Generator$69
  • 1099-MISC Generator$69
  • 1099-INT Generator$69
  • Choose two packages for$104
  • Get all three packages for$134
  • Interface with QuickBooks®$35
  • Network compatibility$5 per node

We also offer laser printing of W-2 or 1099-MISC forms from user-entered data into our software.

W-2 & 1099 Services

We proudly offer the following services to aid in your end-of-the-year tax reporting:

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1. Data Entry Services

This service features:

Prices for key entry and printing of W-2/1099-MISC/1099-INT forms from user-supplied information:

2. Printing Services

This service features:

Prices for laser printing of W-2/1099-MISC/1099-INT forms from user-entered data into our software:

3. Mailing and Other Services

To place an order or for additional information, please call 440•842•1231.