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EZ Paystub Generator Software

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ Paystub Generator software. This product is designed to be an easy method to compute and track payroll and print a pay stub for various pay methods.

It is designed for those businesses that want a simple entry program that also includes a number of options for more complicated payroll situations. The annual license fee includes free software updates during the calendar year for any tax rate changes made by federal, state, or local entities.

There is a single company version as well as a multi-company version for professional service providers.


See the following list of features and requirements:


  • Accurate computation of withholding
  • Laser/Dot Matrix support included
  • Various deductions (health, garnishment, etc.)
  • Allows non-taxable reimbursements
  • Prints pay stub with year-to-date summary
  • Prints employer pay summary
  • Allows multiple local withholdings

Hardware Requirements

Microsoft Windows logo
  • IBM-compatible PC & monitor
  • 8M + 512K conventional memory
  • Laser or Dot Matrix printer
  • CD Drive
  • Works with some ink jet printers
  • Runs on any speed machine


  • Single company version$59
  • Professional version$149
  • Network compatibility$5 per node

To place an order or for additional information, please call 440•842•1231.