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Tax professionals, look no further!

We proudly offer a variety of software packages for your convenience. Our goal is to connect you with the tools that will get you on the right road.

ELECTRO - 1040 ®

ELECTRO - 1040 ®

PDP Tax Service has all the pieces you need in place for a successful tax season!

PDP Tax Service has been providing quality tax preparation and electronic filing software since 1988. We were one of the first software companies to integrate electronic […]


ELECTRO - CITY™ (Ohio only)

ELECTRO - CITY™ is a generalized personal city income tax preparation software package for IBM PCs. It may be used as a stand-alone city preparation software or it may be interfaced with our federal and state ELECTRO - 1040® software. We also offer an optional expanded corporate net profits module[…]

EZ Pay Stub Generator

EZ Pay Stub Generator

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ Pay Stub Generator software. This product is designed to be an easy method to compute and track payroll and print a pay stub for various pay methods.

It is designated for those businesses that want a simple entry program that also includes a number of options […]

EZ W-2/1099 Generator

EZ W-2™/1099-MISC/1099-INT Generators

PDP Tax Service is proud to offer our EZ W-2 Generator, 1099-MISC Generator, and 1099-INT Generator software. These products are designed to be an easy-to-use W-2, 1099-MISC, and 1099-INT generator for those businesses that want a simple, after-the-fact W-2/1099-MISC/1099-INT program. Each is offered […]

Transmission services

Transmission services

PDP Tax Service provides third party IRS electronic filing and ERC/ERD transmission service to users of ELECTRO - 1040® and other software packages. For those who do not use ELECTRO - 1040®, we provide free software to process your software's electronic files through our transmission system. […]


FAX-A-TAX service

PDP Tax Service offers a solution to electronic filers who: •do not have a computer, or •do not have electronic filing software.

We offer a high quality, reasonably priced data entry service where we enter and transmit your electronic returns for you.

Features are as follows: 24-hour fax lines, review […]



Coming next tax season, ELECTROweb powered by ELECTRO-1040® will be available for online efiling. Backed by 30 years of software experience, this web exclusive has many great features. […]

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