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PDP Tax Service is a high quality service provider for electronic filing transmission, data entry (through our FAX-A-TAX service), and various bank products. We also provide third party tax preparation to non-preparer electronic filers such as banks, credit unions, check cashiers, and retail outlets.

We have been a third party transmitter since 1988 and provide that extra service some companies feel is too costly to provide.

Telephone support is always free. We are happy to answer quastions a user may have regarding software operation, electronic filing, or bank products.

We understand your needs and are committed to helping you. We have extended support hours during tax season and also operate an around-the-clock secure FTP (file transfer protocol) used for electronic filing, user support, and software updates.

Service is such an important part of our business that we made it part of our name.

Transmission Services


PDP Tax Service provides third party IRS electronic filing and bank Refund Transfer transmission service to users of ELECTRO - 1040® and other software packages. For those not using ELECTRO - 1040®, we provide free software to process your software's e-files through our transmission system.

Transmission Features

  • Third party transmitter since 1988
  • Transmitter for many software packages including Softax, Tax Slayer, UltraTax, HowardSoft, and more
  • Around-the-clock secure FTP system used to distribute acknowledgments and receive transmissions
  • We transmit to the IRS at least once a day with transmissions received by 10:00pm EST sent the same day.
  • Acknowledgments posted within 2 hours of receipt from IRS.
  • Transmissions available January through November
Service Prices

Low $25 annual subscription fee.

Prices range from $1-4 per transmitted return* with an average fee of less than $3. Volume discounts are available for large users.

* Prices are not always based on volume. Your first return could be $2.

43 users have given this software an average score of 4.6 out of 5


Julie R.

User-friendly — easier to read reports per name instead of SSN's.


Kenneth S.

Much better than the competition. Good help by phone when needed.


Lee N.

PDP is well coordinated with Softax and works quite well.


Dona H.

Easy to use. Great customer service.


Paul W.

Excellent customer service (tech). I had trouble converting from last year. You guys are great.


Paul & Lindsay L.

Much easier, easier transmissions. Fewer steps for everything. Fewer problems. Immediate response whenever we had a problem, and immediate solution. Ease of e-filing. Instructions were very straightforward. If we had any problems, PDP answered our questions immediately. We have no intention of searching for another e-filer. We have the best.


Jeff G.

Great service


Darrell M.

Better personal service if needed. Simple & quick.


Doug W.

It does the job reasonably cheap.


Cindy E.

Easy to use. Leonard and staff always very helpful and willing to help solve issues!


Virginia M.

Excellent phone help. I like knowing the staff at PDP is alwaysthere to help. Ease of sending and receiving returns.


Tay K.

What I like best is to talk to a person who is friendly when I call.


Don E.

User friendly. Easy to install and use. No transmission problems.


Michael F.

PDP is as good as any — better than many. No problems with using; especially after the first year setup & use.


James J.

I like the ack returns best about your software. Better than Drake Software.


H.S. Jameson

Easy to use transmission, retrieval, and print acks. Very good service.


Tom S.

Relatively easy to use & great customer support and accessibility.


James B.

Customer service, as always the greatest.


Chuck S.

Reliable, easy to use. Always available.


G. William R.

Quick follow-up to questions and service issues.


George K.

You are much better than the last co "Atlas" that I was using for 2015 tax year. Shawn always helpful. Low cost of transmission, not too difficult to deal with your system. I like the fact that you can do my out of state returns.


Lynn's Tax Service

Service is great.


Deborah P.

Customer service is very responsive, patient with non-techies. Much appreciated, too! Easy to e-file returns.


Steve B.

Easy to use.


Ward A.

I appreciate when you help when things don't go through.


Millie K.

Easier than ATX. I really liked the ability to call you when I had a problem and your quick response.


Victor W.

Very user friendly.


Robert W.

Problem resolution was very good.


Shakopee Accounting

Help was just a call away. Your reject explanation were very good.


Randal B.

Very easy to use and works flawlessly. None of my returns were rejected by either the IRS or the state.


Scott M.

Works great.


Bappe Law Office

Easy to use & install. Can call and get help & answers to questions.


Barry H.

Prompt response to questions.


Binder Accounting

I like that Leonard & staff helped me & never made me feel that I was wasting their time. I am very happy with PDP staff & service. I will continue with PDP because I know I will always get the help I need.


PDP Tax Service offers a solution to electronic filers who:

No computer

Do not own a computer

low volume

Have a low volume of returns

No efile

Do not have e-filing software

We offer a high quality, reasonably priced data entry service where we enter and transmit your electronic returns for you.

FAX-A-TAX Features

  • 24-hour fax lines
  • Return review for omissions or errors prior to transmission
  • Normally same-day or 24-hour turnaround on a return from receipt to IRS transmission
  • Tax preparation service available for banks, credit unions, check cashiers, etc.
Service Prices

Low $35 annual subscription fee

Price ranges from $7 to $25 per return based on number of forms with an additional $3.50 for each state return — with volume discounts available.

2 users have given this software an average score of 5 out of 5


Robert G.

I like the efficiency and courtesy of your workers.


Ed K.

I really like the people at PDP.

To place an order or for additional information, please call 440•842•1231.