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Individual Tax Payers — Look No Further!

Thank you for your interest in our services.

PDP Tax Service has been providing quality assistance for over 30 years to our community. We offer complete tax preparation and/or electronic filing of IRS Form 1040 (also Forms 1040A & 1040EZ for tax years prior to 2018). Our highly knowledgeable staff is ready to help you with your tax preparation needs.

Professional Tax Preparation

Local Service

We are conveniently located in Parma, Ohio, at 5510 Pearl Rd. We begin taking appointments in January. Appointments can be made to prepare your return while you wait or drop off your tax return information, which then on completion would be picked up at a later date.

All federal and state returns can be electronically filed.

Non-Local Service

We also offer our services to those not in our contiguous area. We are able to complete returns for any state! The procedure for this is simple. After a phone interview with a member of our knowledgeable staff when all information is collected, simply mail your W-2s and/or 1099s to us. We will then complete your return and mail it to you.

Additional Information

  • Preparation fees start at only
  • We can also help with filing past tax returns
  • We can solve problems that may have occurred with a past return
  • We accept payment in the form of cash, check, money order, or major credit card. If you have a refund, your fee can be deducted from the refund prior to you receiving your check (additional cost for fee deduction option).
  • For additional information regarding federal taxes please visit the IRS website.

Problems with the IRS

IRS Problems

We can help solve any problems or worries you may have about your taxes. We realize that the tax time is stressful and our aim is to relieve that stress.

Here are some common problems that taxpayers may experience:

  • You get a notice from the IRS. The notice may consist of reporting to you that you have unreported income, failure to file, or you are getting an audit.
  • You need to file your back taxes. This could be a good thing because there is always the possibility of having pending refunds.
  • You need to amend your current tax return. This may happen if you forgot to report income, take a deduction, claim a dependent, or qualify for additional tax credits.

One of the best things is that no matter who previously prepared the return, we can fix the current problems.

e-File : Frequently Asked Questions

eFile provider

PDP Tax Service is an Authorized e-File Provider

Your tax return information is transmitted to the applicable taxing authorities without the hassle of mailing it. The tax return information is transmitted from our computers directly to the IRS's database where it is checked for accuracy and completeness. Any problems that arise with your return are resolved before your return is accepted as filed by the IRS. For non-local taxpayers, we offer our unique Fax-A-Tax e-file solution.

  • Refunds, if directly deposited to your checking or savings account, are received usually within 2 to 3 weeks from the date the return was accepted by the IRS.
  • The option to receive a paper check at your home address via U.S. Mail is also available. Add approximately 10 days to the process for this method.
  • If a payment is owed, it can be directly debited from your account. You can defer the payment's debit date to any day you wish, as long as it is paid before Tax Day (usually April 15), using our convenient No Money Up Front option.
  • The option of mailing in a paper check is also available. The IRS provides the Form 1040-V payment voucher, which is used to mail in a payment prior to Tax Day. This is another aspect of our No Money Up Front option.
  • Electronically filing your tax return guarantees that the IRS received your return. The IRS sends an acknowledgment directly to PDP Tax Service to notify us what returns they received, when the returns are processed, and whether the IRS has accepted or rejected the returns.

Note: The IRS makes no guarantees regarding if and when a refund will be deposited into your account or when you will receive a paper check.

Anyone can e-file their federal tax return with us. PDP Tax Service also e-files all individual state returns.

The costs vary depending upon which federal forms and schedules are filed, whether you file a state return, and which payment option you choose.

Type of Return e-File Only No Money Up Front Option
Federal Return (Form 1040 & accompanying schedules and forms)
State Return

Contact us to make an appointment to drop off your completed tax return(s) or you can choose to use our unique Fax-A-Tax service.

Note: If PDP Tax Service prepares your tax return(s), your e-file fee will be included in your tax preparation fee.

FAX-A-TAX Service

PDP Tax Service is proude to offer a unique service to those who have already completed their own tax preparation and want to electronically file their taxes fast.

FAX-A-TAX will allow you to fax your completed forms and schedules to be e-filed by us. We offer this service at very reasonable prices.

Simply follow these four easy steps to take advantage of our services.

Tax Return

1. Complete your tax forms. You can download all necessary forms from or from the applicable state taxing authority's website.

8453 and 8879

2. Print and complete the IRS e-File Signature Form 8879 & Form 8453 for additional paper documents, if needed.

We will only accept your tax return when the Form 8879 is completed fully, signed, and dated by you.

Use Form 8453 only if any of the following apply:

  • You made a motor vehicle, boat, and/or airplane contribution (Form 1098-C).
  • A Power of Attorney is being used (Form 2848).
  • You are using Form 3115 in your tax return to change your accounting method.
  • Proof is needed to show the Department of the Interior has received your Historical Preservation Certification Application (Form 3468).
  • You are using Form 4136 and/or Form 8864 for commercial use of boidiesel.
  • You are reporting an international boycott (Form 5713).
  • An appraisal was needed for noncash charitable contributions (Form 8283, Sections A and B).
  • You are using Form 8332 on your tax return.
  • You are using Form 8858 on your tax return.
  • You are attaching a broker's statement with a summary on Form 8949.
IRS Form 8879 (PDF)IRS Form 8453 (PDF)

Sign return

3. Complete this Fax Cover Sheet. Include your payment choice: Cash, check or money order, credit card, or the No Money Up Front option.

Fax Cover Sheet (PDF)


4. Gather all papers from the previous steps and fax the completed tax packet to 440•884•7500.

PDP Tax will also take appointments to drop off your tax return at our office located at 5510 Pearl Road Suite 303 for electronic filing. Please call 440•842•1231 to make an appointment.

Except as needed and authorized by you for bank services you request, absolutely no confidential information will be disclosed to any outside source. The priviledged information you give us will be used for e-file purposes only.

No Money Up Front Option

This option allows you to take all fees out of your refund. Your refund will then be directly deposited to your checking or savings account. If you do not wish to have your refund directly deposited, a paper check option is available. The check would be printed by us. You will then be notified to pick up your check at our office.

The No Money Up Front option is processed through a bank service. There is an additional charge for the bank service, as shown here:

Type of Return e-File Only No Money Up Front Option
Federal Return (Form 1040 & accompanying schedules and forms)
State Return

Electronic Refund Product Application (fill-in PDF) — be sure to read all pages before filling out the application.

Fax this completed form along with the other forms in your tax packet to PDP Tax Service at 440•884•7500.

The No Money Up Front option requires a clear photocopy of your driver's license and social security card to be faxed along with your completed forms.

To place an order or for additional information, please call 440•842•1231.