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Ohio City Tax Software

ELECTRO - CITY™ is a generalized personal city income tax preparation software package for IBM PCs. It may be used as stand-alone city preparation software or it may be interfaced with our federal and state ELECTRO - 1040® software. We also offer an optional expanded corporate net profits module.

Use ELECTRO - CITY™ to prepare local tax returns for the following local tax agencies

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Central Collection Agency (CCA)

Includes Cleveland and 38 other municipalities
  Is your city or town included?

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City of Parma

The city in which PDP Tax Service office is located.


Specially designed to fit nearly any city tax return not covered by any of the above tax agencies.

Software Features

  • Easy start up
  • Fast calculation
  • Generalized Input Screens
  • Allocate income by dates, percentage, or dollars
  • Easily handle moves & split income
  • Laser printer support included
  • Optional corporate net profits module

Hardware Requirements

  • IBM-compatible PC & monitor
  • 16M RAM (640K low memory for DOS)
  • Laser printer (HP/PCL5e compatible)
  • CD Drive
  • Tax fonts for laser printer use (provided)
  • All Windows versions or DOS 3.1 or later

Software Package Prices

Package Price
List Price  (Cleveland area)
 (non-Cleveland area)
Order & pay by September 15  (Cleveland area)
 (non-Cleveland area)
Order & pay by December 31  (Cleveland area)
 (non-Cleveland area)
Optional extended net profits corporate module
Network  per additional PC

6 users have given this software an average score of 4.75 out of 5


Mary-Anne R.

I like the City Move feature & that it can do multiple W-2s and employers.


Anna May P.

Excellent tech & info support — reason for continual use!!!


Brenda G.

Easy to use each city, and has generic cities by rate. Leonard is always responsive and helpful.


Elaine T.

I like the calculations the best.


Roberta D.

What I like best about this software: Leonard's help.

To place an order or for additional information, please call 440•842•1231.